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After a sports injury, expert repair is the only way to get back in the game safely. At Norris, Blessinger & Woebkenberg Orthopaedics & Spine in Jasper, Indiana, the expert orthopaedic surgeons can help with ligament reconstruction, cartilage repair, and other types of sports reconstructive surgery. Book an appointment via the online tool now, or call the office to schedule a visit very soon.

Sports Reconstructive Surgery Q & A

What’s a ligament reconstruction?

When ligament damage occurs, it often makes the nearby joint unstable, and this can put every single movement at risk. While nonsurgical solutions are sometimes effective for some types of ligament damage, in the case of total ligament tears you need a total reconstruction.

During ligament reconstruction surgery, your surgeon replaces your torn ligament with healthy tendon. This ensures that you can regain normal movement without compromising joint safety.

What’s cartilage repair?

If you have a joint injury, for example, a ligament tear, it's likely that you've also got damaged cartilage. This can aggravate your injury and can make your symptoms more severe. If you need surgery to repair a joint injury, your surgeon may recommend cartilage repair at the same time as your other surgery.

Cartilage repair is typically an arthroscopic surgery that stimulates your body to produce fresh cartilage to replace the damaged cartilage. This procedure is most commonly done in the knees, but may also be helpful for damage in other areas such as the shoulder.

What’s joint replacement?

In a joint replacement, your surgeon removes part or all of a worn or damaged joint and replaces it with plastic, ceramic, or metal pieces. These materials are fully biocompatible and are precisely fabricated to fit into your body seamlessly. The most common areas for joint replacement are hips, knees, and shoulders.

What are corrective osteotomies?

In a corrective osteotomy, your surgeon shortens, lengthens, or makes other necessary changes to a bone that's damaged. If you need this surgery, your surgeon may perform it at the same time as another corrective surgery like ligament reconstruction.

What’s meniscal surgery?

In meniscal surgery, your surgeon repairs or replaces your meniscus, the cartilage in your knee. During meniscus repair, your surgeon uses minimally invasive arthroscopic methods to maintain the tissue that's still healthy. Meniscus replacement is more complex, as it requires donor cartilage.

What’s instability surgery?

Instability surgery, which is often needed for shoulder injuries, stabilizes a damaged joint through small repairs. Instability surgery is often a minimally invasive procedure that's done via arthroscopy.

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